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How to dress for your PRE-WEDDING

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Deciding what to wear on your pre-wedding photoshoot can be a tricky task. Your pre-wedding photoshoot can be anything starting from glam to casual, it’s those lovable moments during the shoot that are the time turner. Have a look at these dreamy shots and you’ll know what we are talking



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TRADITIONAL ATTAIRES LIKE SAREE , LEHNGA , can also make you look glamorous

  1. Sambalpuri Saree from Odisha – Sambalpuri saris are known for their incorporation of traditional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower), all of which have deep symbolism with the native Odia color red black and white represent true Odia Culture .

  2. Chikankari Saree from Lucknow – From the Nawabi city of Lucknow comes the fabric stitched with sophistication – Chikankari.

  3. Kanjeevaram Saree from Tamil Nadu – Vivacious colors, royal borders, and the rich silk give Kanjeevaram Saree an ornate aura. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Kanjeevaram are traditional bridal sarees that have been adopted all over the country for special occasions.

COUPLE T-Shirts & Casual floral color dresses add a play-full essence to your Pre-Wedding / Post-Wedding

Best pictures come in the Golden hour , Just before sunset “so don’t miss it

Couple silhouette photos are there to add more mood in your gallery .

A silhouette is a solid, dark image of a subject against a brighter background. The first silhouettes originated in 1850s France

A scenic location , make-up artist , prepared script are also important aspects of your Pre-wedding / Post-Wedding photoshoot .

here is the Pre Wedding Shoot Checklist Before The Shoot

  1. Choose A Pre Wedding Location.

  2. Hire A Pre Wedding Photographer.

  3. Book A Makeup Artist.

  4. Have A Back Up Plan.

  5. Choose Your Outfits.

  6. Get Your Props Ready Beforehand.

  7. Plan Your Pre Wedding Shoot Poses.

Wear It For The Location

Before spending on the dress, sit down and decide on the pre-wedding photoshoot location. What you wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot should solely depend on where you are going to shoot, the backdrop, and the setting. For example, bright color outfits work well for urban locations, and a dreamy location like this sticks with classy.

Coordinate Your Clothes

As much as you coordinate your outfits to the outdoor location and backdrop you must coordinate them with your partner’s outfit as well. Your pre-wedding photoshoot outfits may be stand-alone perfect with the location but they have to go hand in hand with your partner’s. Pick outfits that complement your style and your partner’s too.

Match made in heaven

Yes, a matching outfit is a cliché for your pre-wedding photoshoot . Wear matching denim shirts or pants or both, but make sure to bring out your style just so you don’t look like twins.


Do you still have doubts?

We at Wedding Tales Photography , sorting out all your needs for a hassle-free Pre-Wedding photoshoot . Feel free to reach us anytime – 8984445045 , 7008772081 .

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