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Pre-Production Brief-

It will take a minimum of 3-4 days to do a prewedding shoot in Koraput. The time duration may vary depending upon the travel mode you choose. You can travel to Koraput by Train, Road & also by Air. The distance of Koraput from Bhubaneswar (Capita of Odisha) is 484 Kms. Train & Bus travel more are also available from Bhubaneswar. MODES OF TRANSPORT

By Road - From BBSR to Semliguda - 484 Kms. You can get a bus or travel by a Car. It will take around12 Hrs. By rails - From Bhubaneswar (BBS) to Damanjodi (DMNJ) . You can take Hirakhand Express(18447). It departs around 19 35 hrs from BBS and reach at DMNJ at 07 30 hrs 3 AC will cost around approx. . Rs.1,000 . one way

By Air :- You Can Book your tickets on HOTEL AND ACCOMODATION (i) Hotel Lemon Castle - Rs. 2,200 / Night - 650 m From Semliguda Bus Stand (ii) Hotel Apple Villa - Rs. 2,200 / Night - 160 m From Semliguda Bus Stand (iii) Hotel Sri Ram - Rs . 1,800 / Night - 360 m From Semliguda Bus Stand (iv) On High Resort - Rs. 2,500 / Night - 3 Kms From Semliguda Bus Stand *Price may vary according to date. LOCATIONS TO BE COVERED FOR PRE WEDDING SHOOT (i) Balda Caves & Balda Lake ( 41 Kms From Semliguda - 1 Hrs 3 Mins ) (ii) Deomali Hill Top ( 38 Kms From Semliguda - 1 Hrs 11 Mins ) (iii) Putsil and Pendajam ( 19 Kms From Semliguda - 38 Mins ) (iv) Red Mud Pond (16 .5 Kms From Semliguda - 34 Mins ) (v) Coffee Garden and Pine Forest - On High Resort (vi) Duduma Waterfall ( 72 Kms From Semliguda - 1 Hrs 48 Mins) (vii) Maliguda Tunnel ( 55 Kms From Semliguda - 1 Hrs 40 Mins )

shot by Satish Tripathy For people who connect with nature, traveling to Koraput and spending a couple of days amid the mountains and the fountains is a must. Koraput was always on my mind #WEDDING TALES OF SWARAJ and SMRUTI.


Well, We had to pack our equipment  and start our journey on April 02 2024 , because it was April and the  summer heat waves had set in. For me it is good weather and is definitely the best for travel and pre wed shoots. So Our trip was set and I boarded with my friends from Bhubaneswar —


As we reached on Semliguda , On April 03 ' 24. We Checked In Ourself in a Hotel over there and prepared Ourself for the shoot on next day.


We are ready to set our foot on Balda Caves & Balda Lakes . It was around 14 30 hrs and we headed towards Balda and reached around 16 00 hrs for the Golden Hour Shoot at Hill Top Outfit for our pre wed shoot had already been discussed earlier few days before the journey so as to plan accordingly for better result. Satish use his experience over there and captured great shots while we assist him for the lights. Indeed it was a total team work and a great experience for all of us.

DAY 2 :- DEOMALI & PUTSIL & PENDAJAM DEOMALI It was a quite challenging day as we have to get up early for your sunrising shoot at Deomali Hill Top . Around 5 :00 AM , We headed to our location to catch the Sunrise . After driving around 1 Hr. , we reached at the Hilltop and Started our shoot . Another Day , Another total effort of team work and an end of productive first half of the day.

PENDJAM & PUTSIL After Lunch , We sail ourself for the shoot at Putsil and Pendajam . After a ride of about 30 mins we reached at our location . Beating the heatwaves we finally managed to get good pictures on golden hour . Totally worth location for pre wedding shoot.

DAY 3 :- DUDUMA WATERFALL Duduma, one of the most majestic waterfalls was half visible because of overcast conditions. We waited on the hills with the camera on our hand to steal that look as the clouds slowly and cinematically parted. As paradise staged me a drama.

DAY 4 :- ON HIGH RESORT Any time is a good time for coffee . As we woke up we started our journey towards the On High Resort . On High Resort is a farm stay where coffee beans are cultivated in the shades of Pine Forest . Though it was the last day as well as the last location of our shoot everyone was filled with energy till the last shot . No doubts , we had a fun together along with capturing some good photos . As people know us that We Frame Fairy Tales Through Our Shutters.

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